Greetings! I am Kristen. My four true loves in life are traveling, a great deal, a great beer, and a great adventure.

Traveling the world has transformed my perception of reality. I now know that reality is culturally subjective and that my way is not “the way”.

Globetrotting has showed me how to live on a dime and that all we truly need to survive is food, water, shelter, love, beer, and a good back pack.

I invite you to join me in exploring all this sweet world has to offer, without breaking the bank.


where i come from

They have said that I was raised in a barn and there may be some amount of truth in their statement. I spent my shorter years playing in trees in a world that much resembled Narnia. The forest behind my house was a fairy infested paradise, where unicorns were my main source of transit. My Dad's wheat fields waved like a spring tide and were inaccessible aside from my boat (little red wagon) or unicorn. Yes silly, unicorns fly!

This imaginative paradise was full of adventure and whimsical expeditions only cut short by twilight and the bellow of the Slumbertime Sorcerer, who others referred to as my Mom.  

Although planes have replaced pixie dust, the appetite for adventure is still whisking me to far away shores. My desire is to always dream, always explore, and to never lose the child like wonder that turned those wheat fields into vast oceans



travel alone, travel with your cat, travel with your peeps, but travel!

"Can you use an electric mixer? If so, you can learn to operate a drill." –WWII Government advertisement

I am by no means what one would call a feminist but I do believe that gender does not dictate skillset, success or solo sightseeing.

I have been traveling the big rock for years without company. I find it exhilarating.

They have advised me that I should not travel alone. They love me but they are wrong.

There is a plethora of reasons that traveling solo is awesome but here is why I travel alone:

1.    You get to plan out your every move. You can have breakfast scones in a beautiful café, hop a train to an ancient castle and have a pint in a local tavern without opposition. Oh how I love a good brew, a good band and a good brat.

2.    You will determine that you can depend on you. You can use a map to get found. You can communicate in another language. You will make new friends and realize that good in mankind is not dead.

3.    Leaning that you can survive with pocket change and the bag on your bag will free you. Let’s face it, money makes our lives more comfortable. It allows us to have nice things, go fun places and even travel the world. What if I tell you that it is possible to travel with very little expense. I am not saying that you will be staying at the Marriott and eating Surf and Turf but you can see beautiful places on a budget. When I learned that I could carry everything I needed to live on my back, I truly began to live. It is not about things.

4.    It is impossible to remain the same when you encounter different places, people, social norms, food, culture etc… In remaining the same, growth is subdued and our true best can never be attained. I have never grown in a comfortable situation. I believe comfort and fear are besties. They hang out . Comfort says to stay where you are and fear agrees. I think fear should shut up!

5.    You will become aware of how much you don’t know, which will light a fuse to know more.

6.    Suddenly you will be thankful for what you have. It is not until you look into the eyes of an orphan, victims of a natural catastrophe, societies traveling miles for water, and true poverty, that you can begin to appreciate what you have and how easily it can all be taken away,

7.    Who knew it? Getting lost can be the best experience of your life. The unbeaten path is most often full of hidden beauty, seen by few. Once you get found you will trust yourself more.

8.    You get cooler pics when you go to cooler places. #I can understand aperture

9.    You are a piece of a large puzzle. Each piece matters. Some pieces are glossy and new and others are worn out and withered. Seeing others as a piece of you will teach you compassion.

10.  No one can take it from you. It is yours forever. Till death do you part.



this one tree somewhere