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Kristen Travels There

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where i come from

They have said that I was raised in a barn and there may be some amount of truth in their statement. I spent my shorter years playing in trees in a world that much resembled Narnia. The forest behind my house was a fairy infested paradise, where unicorns were my main source of transit. My Dad's wheat fields waved like a spring tide and were inaccessible aside from my boat (little red wagon) or unicorn. Yes silly, unicorns fly!

This imaginative paradise was full of adventure and whimsical expeditions only cut short by twilight and the bellow of the Slumbertime Sorcerer, who others referred to as my Mom.  

Although planes have replaced pixie dust, the appetite for adventure is still whisking me away to far away shores. My desire is to always dream, always explore, and to never lose the child like wonder that turned those wheat fields into vast oceans.